Guarantee about after sales

One   warranty information

1, such as product in the normal use and maintenance conditions, due to material, process or manufacturing problems lead to failure of performance, in the warranty period, we will in accordance with the provisions of this document for you to provide warranty service repair, replacement or return of goods. The failure of the performance is explained in accordance with the relevant provisions of the statutory guarantee (that is, "Three Guarantees")..

2, the warranty period from the date of purchase products for the first time ("purchase") date, warranty period of one year.

3, in the warranty range of repair or replacement of the product or parts, in the remaining guarantee period continue to enjoy the warranty.

4, the warranty range of product failure, to repair as the principle of. In the case of possible, we may try to diagnose and resolve your product malfunction by using the Internet, phone or other remote help.. If some problems can be through your own install the specified software update or replace pieces (including, but not limited to, consumables, the same below) to solve, we will guide you and installing such software updates or replacement parts. As described above is not applicable or unable to solve the problem, we will according to the products enjoy the warranty service types, such as the repair of customers or field service management services. If your request solution is beyond the scope of the law or our commitment, you need to bear the cost of the service or depreciation of the product.

Two   warranty clause

1, non hardware or version of the technical issues

2, without disassembly, modification or product after service center than the company technical personnel to repair or disassembly

3. The failure or damage caused by the work environment (e.g. high temperature, low tide, excessive voltage or current instability of the external information etc.)

4, from the force majeure (such as fire, earthquake, etc.) or natural disasters (such as lightning, floods, etc.) accidents caused by accidents or damage

5. Misuse or misuse of the fault caused by the user or the third party or incorrect installation or damage

6. The original identification information of the product or component is modified, modified or removed

7, the product out of the warranty period

The above situation is not covered by the warranty

Three   how to get the warranty

When you apply for a warranty, you should provide an effective purchase certificate; or the warranty card and other guarantee certificate, party can get the guarantee. Such as document content and product does not match the actual situation, has been altered or illegible, regarded as invalid. The product is repaired or replaced, you should keep the maintenance record properly.

Four   exchange and return

In the statutory guarantee (that is, the "three package"), do not affect the two sales of the product, can be returned. When product replacement or return, you should return all the products (including but not limited to all attachments, parts, packaging materials, promotional items, etc.). Replacement of the product, parts and other materials are owned by ShopErp.

Five   maintenance cycle

1, 48 hours to respond to service, is in ShopErp office hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 in the morning afternoon: 5:30) users can dial 400 dedicated service, professional personnel of 400 Service Center for instant telephone diagnosis. If necessary, the service engineer will be within 48 hours to provide service on the door

2, standby service

Is the ShopErp for the purchase of the service users to set up an exclusive spare parts library, in the warranty period to provide equipment for the maintenance of failure of the standby machine service.

* the above services shall be carried out in the city where the service providers are located. Where no service provider is located, the service will not enjoy

* the above service is currently only available with the agency in the local city warehouse without surrounding city

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