Refund note

How to apply for return?

1.ShopErp to provide you with online application service returns, after logging into "my account, I order" click "application returns" self completion of return of the application.

2 enter the self return page, you need to choose to return the goods.

3. Fill in the return of goods description information, such as image upload, please click "choose picture upload; and choose your way, return and refund and submit.

4 submitted to the successful display of information.

How to query the return status?

1 landing in my account, I returned goods, the query returns the current state, the change / cancellation of the application, as shown below:

2 click on the details, can see the record of the application for goods.

Refund aging (warm tip):

Bank refund processing cycle for reference only, the actual date of the refund to the bank quasi.

If you choose a credit card payment, a refund 3-15 working days, the maximum no more than 30 working days, the actual date of the refund to the bank, the inconvenience to you, please forgive.

To protect your account security, online payment and refund of goods to the credit card, will be in accordance with the original payment card to return.

Refund aging from 1 days after receipt of the return from the calculation.

If you choose to pay treasure account of the balance of payments, after the completion of the return, the refund will be immediately retreated to pay you PayPal account, the length of not more than 1 working day

Use the account balance to pay the purchase price, the refund can choose to return the ShopErp account or return the designated savings card account

Use the gift card balance or balance of payment rebate, refund will be returned to the corresponding gift card balance or rebate balance

Use of the payment of the card, the refund will be returned to the ShopErp account, the time of the refund is 1-2 working days

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